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October 3, 2009

Jim Humble Suppliers of MMS

We just found out that Jim Humble removed the List of MMS Suppliers from the MMS Miracle Mineral Internet websites.

That’s a major problem because Jim Humble asked the suppliers to change the name of MMS to WPD.

What is WPD? Water Purification Drops and it is sits original name and has been called that for 80 years.

Where can you purchase WPD or (Purchase MMS) The same place – of course —¬† The Reiki Ranch store supplies all these states and more shipping world wide every day except Sunday.¬† Click here:

Reiki Ranch Store – The Assembly of CEH

California Miracle Mineral – MMS

Colorado Miracle Mineral – MMS

Connecticut Miracle Mineral – MMS

Delaware  Miracle Mineral РMMS

District of Columbia Miracle Mineral – MMS

Florida Miracle Mineral – MMS

The Subtle Energy is a great MMS supplier.

MMS is now called WPD – Water Purification Drops.

Subtle Energy Therapy ships — all over the USA, to other countries, Europe MMS, Africa MMS. Austrailia MMS and Canada MMS — buy MMS here


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