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October 3, 2009

Jim Humble Suppliers of MMS

We just found out that Jim Humble removed the List of MMS Suppliers from the MMS Miracle Mineral Internet websites.

That’s a major problem because Jim Humble asked the suppliers to change the name of MMS to WPD.

What is WPD? Water Purification Drops and it is sits original name and has been called that for 80 years.

Where can you purchase WPD or (Purchase MMS) The same place – of course —  The Reiki Ranch store supplies all these states and more shipping world wide every day except Sunday.  Click here:

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California Miracle Mineral – MMS

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Florida Miracle Mineral – MMS

The Subtle Energy is a great MMS supplier.

MMS is now called WPD – Water Purification Drops.

Subtle Energy Therapy ships — all over the USA, to other countries, Europe MMS, Africa MMS. Austrailia MMS and Canada MMS — buy MMS here


MMS Miracle Cure Spray

How Safe is the Food You Eat?
by Lidia Peru

When you buy fresh vegetables and fruits at the grocery store those items look great. We think they are clean and ready to use with just a rinse of water. But with news stories of critical illnesses caused by contaminated foods, how safe are the foods we buy?

It doesn’t seem to matter whether that food is imported. We’ve all heard there are fewer controls on growing conditions and safety in other countries. No, the word gets out about the outbreak of contamination in spinach grown in California.

Studies have been conducted to review and improve the safe handling of fresh foods. There are many events in the life cycle of our foods that have the potential for dangerous contamination.

Pathogens can be found in fruits and vegetables. Microbes can group themselves into tightly knit formations called biofilms that coat fruits and vegetables and protect the bacteria from harm. This kind of bacterial community can harbor multiple versions of infectious, disease-causing bacteria, such as Salmonella and E. coli.

Another possible cause for concern is the residue left on produce by repeated use of pesticides. While those pesticides can increase crop production by reducing pests, the continued intake of even traces of these chemicals can never be considered healthy.

Fungus can also linger on our fresh fruits and vegetables. Mycotoxin are microscopic sized spores, and are found everywhere. This naturally occurring fungi feeds off organic matter, and while it is manageable in small quantities there can be harmful affects in larger quantities. Harm can come from feeding those fungus overloaded foods to cattle, or consuming those foods directly.

Is there anything the consumer can do to improve the qualities of their food prior to consumption?

One tool I have found is to use a low cost naturally occurring chemical process that occurs when I mix miracle mineral solution, or MMS, with a food based activator, like lemon juice. The MMS is now called water purification drops and it has been on the market for 80 years.

28% Sodium Chlorite is Jim Humble’s discovery for killing every known and unknown pathogen water, on food and inside the body.

The MMS chemical reaction is to produce chlorine dioxide, an important chemical that is also produced in our bodies. Chlorine dioxide has been recognized as a water purifier for over 70 years.

It’s simple to mix a little MMS then dilute it with water in a sprayer bottle. You can then use this spray as a cleansing mist over your produce, and it will target the toxins, bacterias, and fungi that can linger in foods. Do you then need to clean the MMS off your foods, or does it leave a residue? No, chlorine dioxide converts to salt and water when its done. It is perfectly safe to eat.

I know that the health and wellness of your family is important to you. Miracle Mineral Solution (now called WPD) gives us a choice that can lead to a healthier happier environment.

Virginia Pipolini offers many natural health tips for safe and cost effective daily practices for a better life. You can learn more about MMS or Miracle Mineral Solution at

USA MMS Supplier is the Reiki Ranch Store

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